Do we have a Pandemic Disease Plan? 

Our companies share a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that covers a variety of business risks, including short and long-term unavailability of personnel and/or facilities. 

Who owns the Pandemic Disease Plan? 

The Pandemic Plan, which is part of the global Business Continuity strategy, is owned by the AI Director of IT & Information Security and relies on contributions from HR, Finance, Operations, and other departments' executive stakeholders. 

What events would trigger the Pandemic Disease Plan? 

The Pandemic Plan can be triggered by: 

• Activation of an Alert State by state or federal health authorities

• Recommendations from staff/panel of doctors to the Executive Team


What is the Business Continuity strategy if a large percentage of personnel become ill? 

During a pandemic, we recognize the need for social distance. To ensure the continuation of business, the companies have established remote work capabilities, capabilities for split operations from multiple locations, and has pre-identified redundant teams that can operate from the remote sites and deliver the different business services. 

Would we continue to provide services if a large percentage of our personnel become ill? 

We understand the importance of our products and services to our customers, and as such, we recognize and understand the responsibility it entails. Our primary focus is to meet this responsibility and to continue to deliver products and services demanded by our customers day in and day out. We have built redundancies in our operational processes and have prepared different contingency options if a percentage of our staff becomes unavailable.  

Are we experiencing issues with our supply chain or ability to process orders and ship products and accessories? 

We have been in contact with our critical suppliers and continue to engage them. At this point, we do not have any supply chain issues that would affect our field services capabilities or our ability to manufacture/ship our hardware and accessory products. If you have specific questions, please contact our sales department representatives, and they will facilitate getting answers as soon as possible. 


Would we continue to meet customers, accept external visits, or participate in conferences if the Pandemic Disease Plan is activated? 

When our Pandemic Plan is active, business travel, external visits to our facilities, or in-person meetings with customers are suspended. Under such a scenario, our personnel rely on internet, email, teleconferencing, and phone communications to keep in touch with customers, partners, vendors to provide high-quality service and customer care. 


How do we identify what actions to take during a Pandemic Disease declaration? 

We have identified CDC, WHO, and local authorities as expert entities whose pandemic phase guidelines, recommendations, or ordinances must be followed during such events. The companies' Pandemic Plan closely follows the monitoring, social distancing, or isolation pandemic phases established by CDC and WHO. The Pandemic Plan also defines the contingencies implemented by the company to ensure the continuation of business activities during a pandemic declaration. 

What are our policies on work-from-home or stay-at-home scenarios  when employees are ill or are caring for others? 

We take the health and safety of each employee very seriously. Our companies follow the recommendation of health authorities on how to minimize risk in the workplace while allowing individuals to take care of their individual and family health needs, ensure business operations, and maintain individual productivity. Because of such consideration, the companies have established remote-work, communication, and collaboration capabilities as well as personnel redundancy. 

What are the companies' internal and external communication procedures in the case of a Pandemic Disease declaration? 

We utilize internal and external communication plans managed respectively by our HR and Sales executives. During these turbulent times, our executive staff will be providing regular updates to all customers and partners through personalized communication and social media. 


How often are the BCP and Pandemic Plan tested, and are the tests followed by lessons learned sessions/plan updates? 

Prior to the current situation, we have been testing our business continuity plans annually and have been updating those plans with all lessons learned and identified improvement opportunities. 

What is the policy regarding large or crowded gatherings of personnel if an outbreak or increased level of disease is in progress? 

According to our Pandemic Plan, during the pandemic phases where social distancing or individual isolation are required, employees are forbidden to participate in large gathering or congregate in small spaces. To facilitate such restrictions, we have established the technology capabilities and associated processes to enable our workforce to work remotely. In addition, to further promote social distancing for activities that cannot be performed remotely, the companies have implemented zoning within their respective facilities, including restricting personnel access to only those with an immediate need to work in the designated areas. 

Does the Pandemic Plan address periodic training on illness prevention, how to avoid the spread of disease and company policies concerning illness? 

While our Pandemic Plan has provisions for communicating to our employees the recommended behavior during Pandemic outbreaks, the companies rely on established HR processes and training programs to address desired employee behavior. Our HR department facilitates regular awareness sessions on workplace best practices. The HR department relies on CDC, WHO, and different healthcare providers' recommendations to incorporate the necessary content into the companies' awareness and training sessions to promote individual health and illness prevention. 


Does our Pandemic plan come with processes for addressing facilities and employees' hygiene (i.e., hand washing facilities, antiseptic hand cleansers/towelettes)? 

We rely on our facilities' maintenance plan and established HR training programs to address the individual facilities hygiene and employees' work environment behavior. All personnel have been advised to follow all hygiene protocols that have been put in place, including immediate dishwashing in our break rooms, additional cleaning of 'frequent touch' locations, hand washing, and sanitizer usage procedures. 

Are we enforcing periodic cleaning of equipment and/or working surfaces? 

All facilities are subject to a routine cleaning process that covers work environment, surfaces, and equipment. Based on the CDC and local authorities' recommendations, both companies have increased the frequency of their cleaning activities while simultaneously implementing social distancing and remote work options. 

Are our employees encouraged to obtain appropriate immunizations? 

All our employees are encouraged to follow the recommendations of their healthcare provider regarding immunizations against common diseases.