New PCS Axis 1.14 Enhancements Inspired by Customers

Customer feedback is critical to what we do because it helps us identify needs and challenges so we can develop the concepts or services to address them. We created the Idea Portal where our customers can run their challenges in front of us, suggest improvements and vote on other customer ideas. 

The latest version of our Pipeline Compliance software (PCS), PCS Axis 1.14, incorporates a wide variety of suggestions from our users.

“The PCS software update equally combines engineering upgrades from our Research and Development (R&D) engineers and our customers,” said Christopher Shawhan, Director of Product Management. “Users will immediately experience more intuitive screens and new options for increased workflow with less manual input. Many current functions have been automated or have new shortcuts available for more efficient overall performance.”

Using the Idea Portal, a suggestion from Kathy Coy (previously with Marathon Pipeline) resulted in the maximum capture duration of the Digital Volt Meter (DVM) App being increased from one minute to five minutes, enabling the Allegro Field Data PC to record a much longer waveform chart in a single file. This enhancement provides customers conducting Interference and Influence (I&I) studies with a five-minute capture window, allowing an entire I&I study to be conducted in a single DVM recording, with all data to be stored in a single, shareable, Allegro file. 

Uriel Ayala (Explorer Pipeline) requested the ability to pre-select a desired data entry grid. This enhancement helps reduce time when entering and editing Cathodic Protection Data Manager (CPDM) data, especially when working remotely in low bandwidth areas. Loading the specific grid cuts down on time needed to transfer data.

Chris Phillis (TransCanada) and Josh Geyer (Colonial Pipeline) proposed aligning bridge scheduling and e-mail notifications to save time. The PCS team agreed: PCS 1.14 now includes the ability to align these notifications so the user experience and options are the same for both.

Lee Aheron (Boardwalk Pipeline) wanted to include In-Line Inspections (ILI) in PCS Axis. The AI team incorporated ILI data tables into our Indirect Survey Manager module so users can graph and report on ILI alongside Close Interval (CIS), Periodic or other survey data for better analysis. Combining all survey data into a single view allows customers to make more efficient and better-informed business decisions. ILI data can be added to the Internal Survey Manager (ISM) module for comparison with other distance-based surveys. 

Steven Arnold from Flint Hills Resources requested that User Defined Fields (UDFs) could access information from the previous inspection record. Now, users can run reports showing the "elapsed time" between readings for a given facility, providing additional insights into operational efficiencies. 
These are just a few examples of user-suggested enhancements to PCS Axis 1.14.  The new release also includes historical data analysis for Survey Viewer, improved Bullhorn Web and Survey Manager integration, enhanced Custom Module Manager functionality and more. Read more about why you should update to PCS 1.14, or watch our webinar for more information. Drop our Technical Services team a line when you're ready to update your software.

American Innovations is always listening for suggestions. Contact your sales team representative or submit your idea to our Idea Portal 24x7. Our goal is to help you protect people and the environment with the most complete line of products and services in the industry, and your feedback is critical to our success.