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AI solutions help you identify AC fluctuation trends and other AC corrosion risk factors so you can be confident that you're investing in an AC mitigation system that's based on complete information.

Triton Triple-Coupon Test Station

Get solid inputs for designing your AC mitigation system: Install the TRITON triple-coupon test station in areas where your asset's at risk. With a 1 cm2 coupon that's designed to approximate likely holiday size, the TRITON makes it possible for you to collect highly accurate AC current density measurements -- the most reliable indicator of AC corrosion risk. It also lets you collect up to six other measurements, like DC current density and instant-off.

Bullhorn RM4210 Remote Monitor for Coupon Test Stations

Get instant notifications when AC load changes with the Bullhorn RM4210. Designed to help you diagnose AC current issues, monitor them over time, and optimize your AC corrosion mitigation systems, it features fully internal components, easy installation and setup, and highly accurate readings. Use the RM4210 to capture and log a number of measurements -- including AC current density -- so you can determine peak AC current density over time.

PCS Compliance Management Software

Integrating Bullhorn Web data with our PCS compliance management software will allow you to manage and report on a range of asset data in addition to Bullhorn readings, including pipe-to-soil potentials, close interval survey results and more.

Bullhorn Web

You can wirelessly transmit your RM4210 readings to Bullhorn Web, an online portal that's included with every Bullhorn purchase. Bullhorn Web offers reporting tools that you can use to make sure your systems continually mitigate AC corrosion. Available reports include AC current density and AC current drain.

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