Preliminary Agenda

  • Learn new PCS compliance software features and provide product feedback
  • Attend training on customizing user defined fields, data editing and grid navigation for PCS
  • Discover how PCS helps you visualize your pipeline data
  • Understand how to successfully migrate to PCS Axis
  • Learn about AC interference and mitigation
  • Master cathodic protection equations
  • Study common electrical grounding issues
  • Train to get the best measurements for Cathodic Protection criteria and IR drop
  • Hear from a panel of experts on how to solve your most difficult Cathodic Protection problems
  • Learn new Bullhorn, MicroMax Interrupter and Allegro Field Data PC features and provide product feedback
  • Train to use Bullhorn Web to its fullest potential
  • Understand best practices for developing survey routes
  • Discover how to use survey accessories to maximize efficiency
  • Learn how to get the most accurate data from the SRM100 Soil Resistivity and pH Meter

Our theme – Better Data, Better Decisions – means that every aspect of this year’s event will focus on how you can collect the most accurate measurements from your assets, analyze the data, and use it to make more informed business decisions. You'll learn best practices for AI products and discover how others are solving their most difficult challenges. We've added plenty of sessions that combine different practice areas of compliance to provide you with a more comprehensive view of pipeline safety and efficiency.

You can go to any of the sessions and move between each freely. All of the sessions qualify for NACE professional development credits.  This agenda is a general overview only - a full agenda will be available soon.

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  • Learn data capture fundamentals for atmospheric corrosion departments
  • Understand how you can use data from PCS and Bullhorn Web to make better business decisions
  • Discover what the Cloud means for Cathodic Protection professionals
  • Uncover new ways to maximize your survey route efficiency
  • Review the newest PHMSA regulations and what they mean for you