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July 2017

Industry and Regulatory News

  • DOT Develops New Online Code of Federal Regulations Mobile Application On July 6, PHMSA announced a new online Code of Federal Regulations (oCFR) mobile application. Read more here.

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  • PHMSA Responds to a Petition for Reconsideration of its Interim Final Rule, "Safety of Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities" In June 2017, PHMSA stated that its intent is still to enforce mandatory portions of the IFR, and that it will not enforce non-mandatory portions of the API Recommended Practices RP 1170 and RP 1171. PHMSA will clarify what requirements are enforceable when it issues the final rule on this subject, which is scheduled for January 2018. Read the PHMSA statement.

Tips from the Field

  • What to Look for When Updating Pipeline Valves in Urban Areas In this article from Pipeline & Gas Journal, SoCalGas Senior Director, Richard D. Phillips, discusses SoCalGas' approach to maintaining and upgrading roughly the roughly 800 mainline valves that separate the company's pipelines into sections. Read the article (Note: You'll need to sign up for a free account with Pipeline & Gas Journal).
  • Soil-Side Corrosion Causes Premature Failure of Oil Storage Tank Bottom Plates Read about the failure analysis carried out after a refinery experienced severe tank bottom plate failures in this article, which was adapted from CORROSION 2017 paper no. 9025

For Fun

  • Just Add Seawater: Ancient Roman Concrete Gets Stronger Over Time Untreated concrete structures normally break down quickly when placed in the ocean due to seawater seeping into the concrete and corroding the lime inside. Yet ancient Roman concrete structures are still standing strong after thousands of years offshore. Read more.
  • Turning Rust into Art Bethlehem, PA, fine-art photographer Alyssha Eve Csuk sees beauty in corrosion. Take a look through her collection Abstract Portraits of Steel: "These portraits were inspired by my exploration of the defunct Bethlehem Steel site, which engendered a desire in me to share the hidden, ephemeral beauty of these industrial ruins, too often seen merely as repulsive brownfields."