Are Your Ready For the New Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) Flowline Compliance Regulations?

The Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission has recently enacted stricter rules addressing flowline safety for upstream production companies. Specifically, the new 1100-series rule will require you to:

• Register flowlines built prior to May 1, 2018 by October 31, 2019
• Register flowlines built after May 1, 2018 within 30-days of being placed in service
• Submit a geodatabase with route, design and product information
• Cathodically protect all metallic flowlines to mitigate external corrosion
• Meet cathodic protection (CP) criteria specified in NACE SP0169-2007
• Assess flow lines every three years
• Have readily available historical assessment records for auditors

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This new state regulation will place a sudden burden on your compliance, operations and corrosion departments. American Innovations and Bass Engineering’s team of experienced pipeline engineers, corrosion specialists, compliance experts and GIS analysts offer integrated products and services to help you quickly and cost-effectively reach compliance and allow you to get back to your primary purpose – supplying energy to your customers.